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Equal shared parenting is the main reason why most men have to go to family court all the time.

From the first trial, we are often discriminated against by the judge—the mother gets custody rights over the child, while the father only has obligations and totally no rights. We are charged with paying alimony, and bringing the child back five minutes too late can put us in jail.

When custody is not equal, this is the basis for a problematic divorce that lasts for years. It attacks our health, finances and most importantly, it is bad for the children.

Children need both of their parents. Numerous researches show that a child needs a mother and a father. Today gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc., can adopt children without any problems. For the government, there is no difference. Everyone should be accepted equally and have equal rights. However, normal, good fathers who are straight men have been discriminated against in court for decades. Research shows that children raised without a father or father that is only minimally involved in the parenting have more chances to get into criminality, prostitution, have bad results at school, bad relationships in the future, more suicides, etc. A father is not better than a mother, and vice versa—they are different. Women are more caring, and men are more audacious. Children need to get from both genders. There are exceptions where women are stronger than men, women take more risks than men, etc., but there is a different input.

Equal shared parenting should be a standard unless there is danger involved for the child by one of the parents. For decades, men get their children only a few days in the month. These Disneyland fathers cannot have a normal home situation as they only see their children on weekends. The only thing they can do is take the children on trips, to amusement parks, etc. A normal home situation where the children come from school isn’t possible. Children are often alienated from their fathers. Yearly, thousands of fathers get into depressions, burn-out, suicide, lose their job, lose their quality of life, lose a lot of money to lawyers and alimony, etc.

Until the court makes equal shared parenting a standard, we men have to play smart. For sure, you noticed that it does not help to show how good you are as a father or how bad the mother is. Judges do whatever they want. However, there is a way to beat the system. If you do it right, you can have equal shared custody. For a step-by-step explanation on how to get equal shared custody in the US family court, send a mail for info.

In Europe, there is a European law that there should be no difference in treatment between genders. However, in the USA, there is no particular law that forces equal rights.

To get equal shared custody, men have to use an appropriate approach. Men have to follow a step-by-step strategic process to get equal shared custody. Any other way is futile. Judges decide what is best for your child, even though they have never spoken to your child. They have no psychic or pedagogic knowledge, but they know what is in the children’s best interest.

With our organization, we fight internationally for equal rights. We fight for equal shared parenting and against Parental alienation (PAS). We do protest actions worldwide, and we use a blue heart. A blue heart is the symbol of loyalty.